What To Do When You Are Dry?

Because your intimacy and hygiene are your most important daily routine, we take a safe approach to all our decisions. This include products evaluation before and after the use. 

There are several product on the market that aim to help you cope with your dryness. All are not equal; all are not the same; all are not a fit for you.

There are mainly 3 types of products. The water, silicon or essential oil based. Because solving for one issue should not bring you more issues. Each have their benefits; but we like to focus on problem. 

Water Based: while efficient for a shot moment, it does not give you any benefit beside s short lubrication. Often you will find chemical ingredients included to make it last longer. The side effects of these ingredients ranges from irritation to cancers.
As a side note, the ingredients referred to are: Glycerin, Petroleum-based, Parabens, 
Nonoxynol-9 (which is a killer off good vaginal bacteria), Propylene glycol, Benzocaine, Chlorhexidine gluconate, hormones and much more. 

Silicon Based: silicon is a super interesting material. We make tons of products with it. It is a safe material for baby toys, easy to clean and sterilize. And when it comes to you hygiene, lasts longer and are compatible with latex condoms (though Condoms are also full of chemicals). Again, market products includes chemical to maintain the lasting, remove the smell and make it easier to wash-off.

Oil Based: while not all product are equal, you need to pay particular attention to the oil based ones. Often includes vitamin E, unnecessary oils and need to be super clean before inserting. Your inner skin elasticity will benefit from good organic and pure oils. Liquid version can be versatile to be used by both man and women. On the other side, it is not compatible with the use of condom, which we do not recommend using anyway given the chemicals.

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