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About Us

We bring you products that are All Organic, Natural and Environment Friendly. 

We believe in products that bring real life results, you can feel the power of nature in and on your body.

Every single ingredient in our recipes has been sourced from the best possible place on earth. We selected them through hundreds of places, vendors and extract processes. And company Ethic ! We dedicate this long journey to all women in the world, who had, has or may experience vaginal discomfort and pain.

The therapeutic reason is there for your body to feel connected to the nature. 

Ingredients in our products are selected for their unique natural properties. Products are made with active ingredients, no filers used of any kind. That means, the products are very pure making it very effective. This is a unique in our industry. 

Our formulas are original, created by us, tested on us, on friends and families and real people. We never tested not will ever test on animals any product we sell, or ingredient we use. We aim to select vendors who share the same values we have.

We understand the use of our products, it is going in the most private place of yours. So sourcing from all natural, pure, organic is not enough. Some ingredients are sourced from places where labels are country specific, like Bio in France. This label represents a quality unprecedented in the USA. And we love it for our products. Because it garanties a higher quality.  

We did not want to create a simple product, on shot. We create LovelyBits products with a personal touch rejuvenation. We believe that intimate pain is an impediment to happiness. So we want to lift this gate for everyone. And for good !  

We believe in love for everyone - a way to be happy at any time or age; on an occasion or daily. The routine is simple, yet efficient. From first use to hours, days, and even more. 

We want you to love yourself, you privacy and your cherish your moment. 

Founded by Nicole Brignolle and Noel Malard in 2015 in their New York kitchen.